Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

The website yoursize.gr (hereinafter “Website” or “site”) hosts an online store for the retail sale of products, and belongs to the company under the name NIKOLAOS NYSTAZOS PAN IOANNIS with the distinctive title YOURSIZE? FEET & ONLY),  VAT number: 047502261 of P.F.S (Public Financial Service) : RHODES, No. GEMI: 073360420000 based in RHODES, at 4 SOFOKLI VENIZELOU Street, PC 85100

The following terms of use clearly describe the relationship between the company and the customer, user or visitor of the online store (hereinafter “Customer” or “User”).

In case the Customer-User disagrees with the following terms, please do not use the website or the services of the online store.

The terms of use have been created based on Law 2251/1994, as it is in force, and the current legislation governing the protection of personal data in Greece and the European Union.

Information & Products for Sale

The COMPANY is committed to the truth, accuracy and completeness of the identity-related information and its details. It is also bound by the main features of the products available in the online store, however it is not bound by the truth, accuracy and completeness of all the content that accompanies the available products and is reserved for any technical or typographical errors, even if they occurred . THE COMPANY is committed to correcting these errors when they become apparent.

Limited Liability of the Company

The COMPANY has taken all the necessary measures for the good and smooth operation of the online store, and is not responsible for any type of damage suffered by the Customer-User by using the content of the website, or by any inability to support its services. The COMPANY does not guarantee that there will be no errors or interruptions in the normal operation of the online store. Therefore, it reserves the right to modify the terms of use and the entire content of the website, as well as the right to temporarily or permanently suspend the operation of the online store without notice.

1. User Responsibility

The Customer-User is solely responsible for the content of the transactions he performs in this online store, and has the obligation to fill in the required fields with accurate and true information. Customer-User also undertakes not to use the online store in order to violate national, EU and international law governing its operation.

4. Pricing Policy – Ordering and Payment Methods

The prices of the products available in the online store include the legal VAT and can be changed at any time, without notice. For the completion of the financial transaction, the Customer-User pays the price that is valid at the time of submission of the order. Any additional payment costs (eg bank transfer costs etc.) are borne by the customer.

The COMPANY reserves the right to sell its products at a price lower than the one stated in the online store during a period of offers that may not be renewed.

4.1 How to Order

Placing an order in this online store is a binding purchase offer at a price that includes legal VAT, packaging and shipping costs and possibly other charges. Upon completion of the order submission process, you will be sent an automated email to the address you have stated, to confirm the details of the order (items, quantities, costs, etc.). Please also look for this message in the “Spam” of your e-mail account. If you did not receive this message, please contact the COMPANY immediately to confirm the successful registration of your order.

• Alternatively you can call us at 2241021322 and place your order. Monday to Friday, from 10:00 – 14:00 and 17:30 – 21:00 and Saturday 10:00 -15:00.

4.2. Payment methods

Acceptable ways of paying for your purchases are the following:

4.2.1. Via bank account in the following bank account:


IBAN: GR2201727000005700086697033


4.2.2. Pay on delivery:

Pay the price of your order the moment you receive it from a distributor of our internal network, or from a cooperating courier company. Shipping costs are determined by the cooperating courier company and are not refundable in case of exercise of the right of withdrawal. In case of inability to contact the courier company for the delivery of your order, it will be considered non-executable and will be canceled within 3 days from the date of registration. The COMPANY reserves the right not to have a product cash on delivery, depending on their type. Acceptable payment methods in this case will be the deposit in a bank account or the payment by credit card.

4.2.3. Use a credit card:

The online store accepts all credit cards. The price you pay for the registration and payment of your order includes other necessary charges, such as shipping costs or banking transaction costs, where required.

4.2.4.The COMPANY suggests that, when using a credit card, or making a payment through web banking, to complete your order, send an e-mail to , to which you will attach the payment order of the bank or proof of deposit. This way the COMPANY can confirm the payment faster and proceed with the shipment of your order. If there is an inability to confirm the payment, the COMPANY has the right not to proceed with the shipment of the order, without any charge.

4.3.Immediately after the confirmation of the payment by the bank, the COMPANY will issue the relevant document and will send it to the Customer-User, making use of the information registered by the Customer-User in the online store (email, name, company name, VAT number, address, headquarters, activity etc)

4.4. Shipping Methods / Immediate Receipt

The Customer-User has the possibility to receive his order at the postal address he has declared, or from the physical store of the COMPANY at the address SOFOKLI RHODES 4, RHODES 85100. If the shipment of the order to the address of the Customer-User is selected, the following will be included in the price of the order during the online submission process.

5. Right of withdrawal

According to Law 2251/1994, the Customer-User has the right to return the products he ordered and received, without stating any reason, within 14 days from the date of receipt. The return can be made to the physical store of the COMPANY either by the Customer himself, or by a courier company of the Customer’s choice. The Customer bears the shipping costs of the courier company for the return of the products. The COMPANY refunds the Customer-User’s money within 14 days from the receipt of this order at the COMPANY’s physical store. For gifts or purchases with discount coupons that may be included in the order, the COMPANY will not refund but exchange with other products of equal value.

For the exercise of the right of withdrawal, special conditions apply regarding the situation in which the order is returned to the COMPANY.

1. You must communicate your intention to exercise the right of withdrawal to the COMPANY at 2241021322.

3. Parts must not have been removed from the product

4. No modification must have been made to the product.

5. The product must be returned with all the accompanying items in the package. These items may include gifts.

The Customer-User is charged with the shipping costs for the return of the order to the physical store of the COMPANY with a courier company of his choice, and is responsible for anything that happens to the products of the order during transport. The COMPANY is not responsible for any loss, damage or damage that may occur to the products during transport.

6. Replacement – Warranty

The COMPANY is not responsible for any damage, damage or destruction that may occur to a product after its use, and has no obligation to replace in such a case. In addition, the company is not responsible for loss, damage or destruction that may occur during the transfer of the order to the Customer.

7. Intellectual & Industrial Property Rights

The website and the online store and all the parts that make them up separately (such as indicative and non-restrictive titles, images, graphics, sounds, texts, look and feel, website and online store architecture, operating system software, etc.) are property. of the COMPANY and are protected in accordance with national, Community and international law. For any of the above is the property of a third party, the COMPANY has secured the necessary licenses exclusively for the operation needs of the online store.

It is therefore prohibited to create derivative work in any way from the content of the online store and the website for commercial or other purposes. It is forbidden to copy, transfer or create a derivative work based on this content or mislead the public about the actual provider of the online store. Reproduction,

the distribution, transmission, retransmission of the material, or any other use of the content in any way or means for commercial or other purposes is permitted only with the prior written consent of the COMPANY or any other copyright holder.

7.2. More specifically, any kind of insignia or identifiers contained on the website and / or the online store and representing the COMPANY or other third parties, belong exclusively to the COMPANY or to those third parties, and are protected by the applicable provisions of intellectual and industrial property.

8. Return Policy 

Changes are made only in case of wrong size. The changes are made strictly within 3 working days, the cost of the change is 2.5 €. You must send the product to the store at Sofokli Venizelou 4, Rhodes 85100 via ELTA courier, the shipping cost will be charged on the customer, and if it is delivered to the store, the new product will be sent to you free of charge. You should first contact the store at 22411021322 to indicate your order number, the product and size you have received and the new size you would like. The product must be in its original packaging, unused and free of damage. Products that are damaged and not in their original condition will not be accepted for replacement.

Final provisions

In addition to these terms of use, the operation of the website and the online store is governed by applicable national, Community and international law. In the event that a provision of the terms of use is found to be contrary to the above legislation, it will be repealed automatically, without, however, affecting the validity of the other provisions. Therefore, these terms of use are binding on the COMPANY and the Customer-User. Any modification will be considered only when it has been incorporated in this written text and has been published on the website and the online store of the COMPANY.